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Project Description

Teamboard is a simple web application that can be used as team dashboard for TeamCity builds.


Why Teamboard?

There are many windows applications that can be used to display a TeamCity server build statuses. I wanted some web based page that can do the same. I choose MVC and TeamCitySharp to quickly make a website that we can be added to website rotator shown on our Team status screens. This is not the greatest project in the world but still usefull (atleast for me).

System Requirements

  • Internet Information Server 7 or above(also works with IIS6 if you know how to make MVC apps work in it)
  • .net Framework 4.0

How to use

  • Download code
  • Modify Settings and provide teamcity server name, athentication information using project page or you can modify it by editing web.config file after deployment.
  • Modify projects.xml file to set what projects should be displayed or turn on ShowAllProjects in Settings
  • Build and publish project into your website in IIS.
  • Browse to website and you should see something similar to screenshots above. 

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